So, I met the surgeon…

Today was a very busy day.  Richard and I got the kiddos to school by 8:15 and then scurried home out of the rain for a hurriedly consumed breakfast. We bolted from home (more like lurched) at 8:45 to make a 9:00a.m. routine follow-up with my gastroenterologist to discuss how my cystic fibrosis is doing.  Richard and I left their East Memphis office, had a quick bite to eat, and then zoomed across town to Methodist University Hospital Transplant Clinic for a 1:00p.m. appointment with an early 12:30p.m. check-in.

We met the surgical fellow, surgeon, nurse coordinator, social worker, and dietitian and of course the phlebotomist vampires had to have their 7 vials of blood.  Over the next 3 hours (yes, I said hours) we discussed at length the actual logistics and mechanics of how the pancreas transplant would be performed.  It is really quite fascinating if you look at it from an engineering standpoint.  The surgeon was extremely kind, compassionate, and went to great lengths to answer any questions that Richard and I had.  He said from his point of view, that he is an advocate for me and for the pancreas transplantation.  He assured me that he would argue on my behalf at the upcoming Transplant Board of Doctors meeting this Friday morning at 8:00a.m.

All in all, it was a reassuring clinic visit and my last one before I am officially listed for a pancreas transplant on Friday, March 2.  Watch for updates!